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Taking the Next Step in Programming


Slang is a powerful visual programming language using a newly developed stream-based paradigm.



There is no need to use cryptic text-based programming languages when your program could as well be structured completely visually.

Slang uses purely visual elements such as boxes and arrows to represent programs.

Very Powerful


Slang was designed to serve as a universal programming language.

Tasks such as building or connecting HTTP APIs, controlling IoT devices, processing data streams or transforming data are particularly easy in Slang.

Open Source


Slang is free and open source under an Apache-2 license.

We welcome everyone who is enthusiastic about our project to join the journey to an unprecedented way of programming.

Our Goal 


We are convinced that programming does not have to be hard in order to be powerful. It does not have to be cryptic and text-based to be understood by the computer. With Slang, we try to completely free users from dealing with anything but the solution to their problem. We want to reduce programming to just solving the problem at hand.

Today, we use different languages, we have to deal with system specifics, and we lack of easy means to make pieces of programs truly reusable. Because of that the same pieces of logic are written over and over again which seems like an absurdity.

Slang tries to provide a way of packaging logic into boxes with defined interfaces to make them usable in different contexts. Just implement what is really unique to your scenario. And when you think about it, this can almost always be reduced to connecting things that have already been done.


Demo Video

This is just the beginning