Slang is an open source project in active and early development. Things will change rapidly, new features will come continuously.

And you can have a say in what comes next.

The stream-based paradigm fuelling Slang is a completely new approach to data processing and programming. We are thrilled and excited to explore all the amazing possibilities that come with it. Join our journey, tell us what you think and be part of the adventure.

Next Steps



 October 2018

Everyone should be able to try Slang as easily as possible. For that, we plan to offer a playground where you can play with Slang operators without having to download or install anything and even without having to create an account.

Update The playground is online now:

Revamp User Interface


 November 2018

The user interface will undergo a complete revamp in the coming weeks. We will try to provide a user experience which fits our goal best - intuitive and as simple as possible. Based on feedback we received for the current version, Slang will appear in a whole new look and feel.

Cloud Version


 December 2018

Slang is predestined to run in the cloud. We are very excited about the idea to have operators managed and deployed there. On top of that, we plan to have an online repository of hundreds of operators created by you to be shared with the community. Slang operators are made to be reusable so we want to make it as smooth and easy as possible to share and use them online.

Conceptual Improvements


 Early 2019

When using a calculator, you don't want to know how it is wired internally, you just want to use it. Slang manages to hide these details of implementation very well. However, we also seek a well designed abstraction. For that we want to support complex data types and integrate a representation for external entities such as IoT devices, system resources and databases.

Smarter User Interface


 Early 2019

With Slang, we have implemented a completely new paradigm. It is not only purely flow-based but lifts streams and operators to a new level. With that come great opportunities for amazing features such as live data flow visualization, automatic creation of operators by grouping, bug prevention through type analysis and much more.

Your Ideas


 We can't start before you tell us

Even though we enjoy using Slang, it is made for you. And you know best what Slang is missing to be even more appealing. Share your thoughts, we would appreciate it and we are happy to consider your requests.

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